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The PlayStation Game Console has been available since 1994. The 3rd generation of best PlayStation 1 games, the Ps3 slim Slim, is the most recent offering. Users have quickly become hooked on this new media center. It's tremendous versatility, with the reliability and stellar graphics that gamers demand. People who buy PS 3 Slim are also pleased with the affordability with the console. Sony lowered the price substantially to the latest version. By all accounts, Sony has produced a characteristic packed, multi-media hub which is easily expandable and adaptive to any user's needs.

It's difficult to know how to start when discussing the PS3 Slim but let's discuss the principle purpose - the gaming. The console gives an easy, pleasant interface, which anyone with an older timepiece will likely be quite familiar with. The system is super simple and easy has WIFI capability that are part of it.

The design is sleek and appealing, the hardware should last. PlayStation consoles have a very reputation for being dependable and providing a consistent and reliable gaming experience well into the future. It also plays very quietly, compared to other of its noisier competitors.

And after that, obviously, you'll find the games. PlayStation's catalogue is first-rate. The games fall under all kinds of categories from role playing and stimulation to family friendly kid's games. Obviously, racing, fighting, sports, and strategy games are the other available choices.

Sony in addition has launched new PlayStation games only for PS 3 users and gamers have given them rave reviews. One of the most popular include Army of Two, Turok, Fall of Liberty and Devil May Cry. The graphics are stunning and the games are next generation, high definition quality. Sony also brings out new PlayStation games on a fairly consistent basis. Even better, you'll be able to download demos, videos, etc in the PlayStation network and play online FREE along with your friends.

The PlayStation video game console also features what exactly is arguably the top Blu-Ray player on the market. In reality, many people buy PlayStation just for which feature. It contains a dual shock 3 controller and it has an HDMI output, which means you can have a full high definition experience if you watch your movies. It also doubles as among the best DVD upscalers you will find.

Of course, if that wasn't enough, PS3 Slim provides an amazing amount of safe-keeping, a built-in browser with flash plus an internal energy, in one package. Provided you have a broadband wireless internet connection, the console permits you to access the Internet from your TV. You can also stream media (like YouTube) from a pc via wireless or via an Ethernet connection. You can even play pictures or videos from the camera or iPod. Hard drive can be easily upgraded later on, as well as the console is a lot less space-consuming than previous versions.